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Mezzosoprano Rebecca Chellappah began singing even before she began to talk and its been a passionate love-affair with music and song ever since. Rebecca enjoys an international career and performs opera, oratorios, art song recitals as well as sacred music, jazz, private events and music festivals around the world. Have a look through this site to get to know more about Rebecca.

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"Rebecca Chellappah, making her Preston Opera debut, was scintillating and superbly dramatic as the anti-heroine Delilah.  She displayed remarkable versatility, from the erotic seductress to dominating, devious mistress. "
- review of the Preston Opera production of Samson and Delilah, UK

"she allowed the full bloom of her dulcet-toned voice and bubbly personality to charm the audience. There was a natural breadth to her dark-hued utterings, which never sounded forced nor revealed any hint of strain...her diction was a model of clarity..."
- The Straits Time , Singapore

"Rebecca’s voice, still as warm as fuzzy as we remembered, now coated with a brighter layer of glaze in the middle to upper range. Its resonant quality never wavers even in the music’s most intimate moments, a fine tool that allows the artiste to paint sensitive, detailed sketches through text and melody"
- Singapore Opera Blog -The Mad Scene

CARMEN – Having very much enjoyed your performance it is difficult to imagine a person more suited to this role than you. This is a very demanding soprano part but the way you performed it seemed effortless. I was most impressed with your beautiful singing and your acting. An excellent example was your delightful rendition of the Habanera in Act 1. You exuded a fiery Latin spirit, especially in your dealings with the male characters, who were like putty in your hands! You really lived the life of Carmen on stage and we believed your story throughout the opera, even if we became increasingly unimpressed with your morality! From the moment you burst out of the cigarette factory we knew you were going to captivate your fellow characters and the audience. You properly dominated the stage and ensured that the other characters revolved around you, bending them to your will with your intriguing, capriciousness and betrayal. You did not shrink from portraying the less admirable facets of Carmen’s character – we were shocked at your death but perhaps not surprised! An excellent performance.

- National Operatic and Dramatic Association review of Carmen Bristol Opera 2017

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